Our first reports each look at conditions in four rising markets: Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada. Together they’re home to more than 30 million adult consumers and Las Vegas, where tourists from all over the world often first encounter legal marijuana.”

Each report is written by a journalist with local and/or industry knowledge, and edited by leading cannabis journalist Alex Halperin. They feature exclusive interviews with lawmakers, entrepreneurs, lobbyists and other insiders sharing insights businesses can use to make smart and profitable business decisions.

Today, getting to understand a state’s market requires hours of research or thousands of dollars spent on lawyers and consultants. Our goal is to bring that expertise and insight directly to you. For our launch, we’re offering these insightful and compact reports for $99 each.

To get you started, we're offering a 10% discount with the code WWRSITE. Thank you for your interest in WeedWeek Reports.

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